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Dark Roast

100% Colombian Arabica Coffee

NET WEIGHT - 8 oz (0.5 lb) 227g


You will receive a fully sealed bag of freshly roasted coffee.

The Mechanic Blend has a rich brown color with trace of the exquisite coffee's natural oils on the surface of the bean. This 100% Colombian Arabica blend has a bolder and well-balanced body and acidity levels with amplified honey and cherry flavor notes as well as a dark and smoky roast level.

The Mechanic Blend 8oz


Please be aware that grinding significantly reduces the optimal shelf life of coffee.  We would be happy to grind the coffee for you, but we recommend you order "Whole Bean" coffee.  It is always best to grind your coffee just before brewing for optimal flavor.

Whole Bean: No Grind
Corase: Like Sea Salt (Cold Brew)
Medium: Like Table Salt (Drip Coffee)
Extra Fine: Like Flour (Mediterranean Coffee)

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